Each year, vast quantities of livestock and produce are traded into the EU to be served on 500 million European plates and the European Commission ensures both food and consumers are kept safe through TRACES (TRAde Control and Expert System).

This is a trans-European network which notifies, certifies and monitors imports, exports and trade in animals and animal products. Organisations all over the world can use this web-based network free of charge to trace animal and animal product movement.

Amongst other things, TRACES makes it possible to:

  •  Produce and exchange certificates, related to animals, animal products, by-products, semen and embryos, in 22 official EU languages
  •  Help authorities to take decisions for approval or rejection of the consignments presented
  •  Notify the authorities at origin and destination, of all stages in the journey plan made by the consignment
  •  Keep track of animal health, welfare and public veterinary health inspections on the consignment, carried out during transport or at destination
  •  React rapidly to possible health threats or epizootic risks by retracing the movements of the consignment
  • Obtain statistical information and reports on data inserted in TRACES
  • Speed up administrative procedures via its online interface
  • Speed up formalities at the border for products originating outside the EU

For more information, click here on http://ec.europa.eu