Revenues for pharmaceutical companies need to be delinked from sales of antibiotics to avoid their over-use and avert a public health crisis, according to a new report from the Centre on Global Health Security, Chatham House.
The main recommendations of the report are:
  1. A new business model needs to be developed in which the return on investment in R&D is delinked from the volume of sales.
  2. Increased public financing of a broad menu of incentives across the antibiotic life-cycle is required, targeted at encouraging the development of antibiotics to counter the greatest microbial threats.
  3. The assessment of current and future global threats arising from resistance should be updated periodically in order to identify which classes of product are a priority for incentives.
  4. The delinkage model should prioritize both access and conservation.
  5. Domestic expenditures on the model need to be globally coordinated, including through the establishment of a secretariat, and global participation in the model is the ultimate goal.

The report “Towards a new global business model for antibiotics: delinking revenues from sales” on the website