The European Core Health Indicators (ECHI) are the result of long-term cooperation between EU Member States and the European Commission to create a comparable health information and knowledge system to monitor health at EU level.

Definitions and data collection are in place for nearly 60 out of 88 ECHI indicators. The indicators under development still need further refinement before being accessible in the ECHI data tool. ECHI indicators are grouped under five main chapters and the ECHI data tool on the website allows access to both data and metadata.

The indicators are at the crossroads of policy questions and data sets. They reflect a policy interest as well as a selected set of possibilities in terms of what can be calculated. For these reasons, the European Commission also presents other European health indicators that are not part of the ECHI system but are still useful to health stakeholders. Where considered useful or appropriate, stratification by gender and age is applied. Breakdowns by socio-economic or regional level are provided when available.

To see the full list of European Core Health Indicators and access the ECHI data tool on the website