The use of social and other digital media – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, text messages, video and websites – for health messaging is growing rapidly in the WHO European Region. All 19 of the non-EU countries that participated in the first World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) in 2015 used digital media to raise awareness about antibiotic resistance. This marks a tremendous change from a couple of years earlier, when only 2 of these countries used digital media to promote campaigns.

Actions included:

  • In Armenia, text messages about antibiotic use were sent to all mobile phone users via two large telecommunication companies. In addition, flash mobs were arranged at some universities.
  • In the Republic of Moldova, the National Centre for Public Health collaborated with a private mobile phone company to send text messages on antibiotic resistance to all mobile phone users.
  • The Czech Republic‘s National Institute of Public Health placed advocacy videos on their YouTube channel as well as in hospitals.
  • The Estonian Health Board created a web site and a social media campaign.
  • Lithuania used its public transport to show short films on preventing antibiotic resistance
  • Slovakia prepared video spots with microbiologists, infectious disease specialists and WHO experts and shared an official campaign website.

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