The OECD is producing a series of health care reviews and the UK’s has recently been published.

It has found that health systems in the United Kingdom have, for many years, made the quality of care a highly visible priority, internationally pioneering many tools and policies to assure and improve the quality of care. However, despite being a global leader in quality monitoring and improvement, the UK does not consistently demonstrate strong performance on international benchmarks of quality. This report reviews the quality of health care in the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, seeking to highlight best practices, and provides a series of targeted assessments and recommendations for further quality gains in health care. These include the need to:

  • balance top-down approaches to quality management and bottom-up approaches to quality improvement
  • publish more quality and outcomes data disaggregated by country
  • establish a forum where the key officials and clinical leaders from the four health systems responsible for quality of care can meet on a regular basis to learn from each other’s innovations.

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