The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) strongly supports the President of the EU’s critique of the current over-protection and misuse of intellectual property and related rights for pharmaceuticals, and its goal to better balance the reward for innovation against the assurance of affordability of medicines.

Additional market exclusivity, data exclusivity, and supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) that add to the internationally-agreed 20-year period of patent protection will delay price-lowering generic competition. Generic competition has proved central to cost containment everywhere, including Europe and the impact of these proposed additional protections must be properly analysed.

Without transparency of the R&D costs to originator companies and information on the actual prices paid for medicines across EU Member States, any discussion about fair medicine prices remains impossible. Ultimately, the current monopoly-based model of biomedical innovation steers research priorities away from the greatest health needs towards areas with the highest potential profitability.

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