The European Commission’s 3-year initiative ‘Ex-smokers are unstoppable’ has now finished but it proved enormously successful with one in three of the 480,000 registered users stopping smoking after three months.

The centre-piece of the programme was the iCoach, a digital health coach which was free and available both online and as a mobile app for Apple and Android devices in 23 languages.

It guided users through five progressive phases to quit smoking but also incorporated several personal, phase-specific challenges e.g.

  • Keep track of how many cigarettes you smoke a day as you may be underestimating your habit
  • Postpone the “nicest” cigarette of the day 10 times for 10 minutes and then for 20 minutes
  • Leave your cigarettes at home when you need to run a short errand

These challenges enabled users to set themselves small, attainable goals which once achieved, encouraged them to take on further challenges and gain control over their habit.

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