Having submitted a number of projects earlier this year, we at the Health and Europe Centre are thinking ahead to new projects to be submitted for EU Interreg funding.

Community empowerment: making social public services accessible to vulnerable people with the Moms for Moms project developed by Community Center De Mussen in the Netherlands serving as a pilot for the project.

Better emergency mental health care: building on the existing work undertaken by the Stockholm Region’s PAM ambulance: when a caller rings the emergency number (fire, police, ambulance) they are asked if it relates to mental health, if so, the PAM ambulance is sent with mental health nurses and a paramedic on board. The project will take this learning and expand it, to include the integration of mental health apps, to provide a better emergency mental health care system for all the partner regions involved.

For more information about these projects you can contact: info.healthandeurope@kmpt.nhs.uk