Chronic diseases affect one third of the European population aged 15 and over, and nearly a quarter of working-age Europeans. Many good practices in prevention and control are available and already implemented in different countries but more needs to be done.

The European Public Health Alliance believes that fiscal measures should be directed toward incentivising healthy diets and lifestyles, and reducing alcohol consumption. Together with interventions aimed to limit citizens’ exposure to marketing of unhealthy food and drink products and promote physical activity, they have the potential to create health-friendly environments, conducive to healthy lives and facilitating healthy choices. This is particularly important when data show that in all EU countries, citizens’ mean daily salt intake exceeds the recommended levels, millions of Europeans still consume trans fats at levels that significantly increase their risk of coronary heart disease, exposure to high levels of air pollution is causing the premature death of over 400 000 Europeans annually and half of the EU population is reported to never exercise or play sport.

To read the full report on the EPHA website: Putting an end to the chronic disease epidemic in Europe and beyond – what are we waiting for?