Luxembourg topped the EU ranking for highest healthcare expenditure per inhabitant in 2016, spending some €5,600 per head, Eurostat revealed on Thursday.

The latest figures from the EU’s official statistics agency, Eurostat, show that healthcare expenditure per inhabitant was €5,000 or higher in three EU member states in 2016.

Luxembourg was found to be the most generous with €5,600 spend on each of its 590,000 inhabitant. Sweden and Denmark completed the podium, spending €5,100 and €5,000 per capita respectively.

On the other end of the spectrum, the three countries with the lowest healthcare expenditure per head in 2016 were Poland (€700), Bulgaria (€600) and Romania (€400).

It’s worth noting though that Switzerland and Norway, which are not EU member states spent considerably, and would have topped the EU chart.

Source: Here’s how much your country spends on your healthcare | Euronews