It is an inescapable fact that working within the healthcare sector means the use of potentially sensitive or confidential data. Treatment and care of individuals requires personal details to be acquired, accessed and maintained. The result of this essentially concerns patient information being stored by healthcare organisations, and with millions of records needing to be kept safe and secure, digital security is now more relevant than ever.

Digital security can be worrisome for practitioners and healthcare organisations around the country. To properly maintain so much data is a task in itself, but when considering the requirements of the GDPR and tightening regulations from other authorities, the whole process becomes even more daunting.

Medical services are not exempt from new rules, placing further responsibility on the management of your patient’s data. You are liable for the consequences of data breaches if not managed properly. GDPR fines can hit in the millions, which is an alarming thought — especially considering the sheer volume of data you need to store and use.

Source: Digital security in healthcare: major factors affecting patient safety