In Wroclaw. a Polish start-up has created a mini-laboratory prototype to quickly diagnose infections, accurately and at a low cost. The pocket-sized mini-lab is called a SensDx. Its supported by the European Cohesion Policy and is soon to be released.

A hundred metres away, in the same complex as the Polish Center for Technology Development, Adam Junka, from PORT (the Polish Center for Technology Development), has been working on the project for a year. His team specializes in two types of sensitive bacteria that can be detected by a sensor.

“At present, we are on “streptococcus pyogenes”, this is a bacteria which produces inflammation in the throat and the second one is “haemophilus influenzae”. This is also a bacteria which produces an inflammatory state in the throat and leads to infections.”

The new technology means patients can find out in 4 minutes if an infection was caused by a bacterium, virus or fungi. Doctors will be able to adapt their prescriptions and reduce the use of antibiotics.

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