A new awareness campaign by Samaritans shares real stories from men who have been through tough times to encourage other men to seek help.

Two in five men in England, Scotland and Wales aged 20-59 don’t seek support when they need to, because they prefer to solve their own problems. The survey also showed that men often don’t want to feel like a burden and don’t feel their problems will be understood.

Our Interreg 2Seas funded project SBS (Step by Step) is targeting men, in particular those who may be socially isolated and suffering from poor mental health or poor wellbeing, to help tackle this issue in the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

To read more about the Samaritans campaign, go to: https://www.samaritans.org/support-us/campaign/real-people-real-stories/

And to read more about the SBS project, go to: https://healthandeuropecentre.nhs.uk/home-3/projects/current-projects-2/sbs-2/