The World Health Organization has appointed four new goodwill ambassadors to further uphold and expand upon the diverse environment of global health.

Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization announced the appointment of four new goodwill ambassadors, from the fields of sports, politics and community mobilisation, to promote healthier lives, stronger health workforces and improved mental health globally.

Discover the new ambassadors

  • Alisson Becker, goalkeeper of the Brazilian national and Liverpool football teams, and Dr Natália Loewe Becker, medical doctor and health advocate from Brazil, as WHO Goodwill Ambassadors for Health Promotion
  • Cynthia Germanotta, President of Born This Way Foundation, which co-founded with her daughter, Lady Gaga, as WHO Goodwill Ambassador for mental health. In this role, Germanotta will raise awareness of the importance of mental health, help mobilise the international community to promote mental health and engage in global mental health campaigns
  • Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former President of Liberia, as WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Health Workforce. Sirleaf will position new momentum on investing in the education and employment of health workers, particularly women, to achieve universal health coverage and the SDGs.