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We have developed and managed European projects from many different funding streams, covering a range of different topics in the health and social care fields.

We provide a complete project management service, starting with bid development and finding European partners through bid submission to all aspects of project management once the bid has been approved, including reporting, financial management and audit.



A not-for-profit-company, we work closely with local NHS and local government stakeholders to bring European learning, practice and policy to the local health community.

Each stakeholder has representatives on the Health and Europe Centre Management Board and they govern, direct, review and support the work of the Centre. We also work with many different project partners across Europe.


About us

The Health and Europe Centre has more than 20 years of experience in European collaboration including partnership building, project development, project bid and management.

We have successfully bid for  and managed over €60 million of EU projects between 2014-20. Our role as expert lead partner,  saving the project partnership valuable time and resources.