Health Security

Bio-tech companies and drug-resistant bacteria

There is a feeling amongst small bio-tech companies that their skills are being overlooked in the initiatives being developed to confront the problem of drug-resistant bacteria. An alliance of 37 such companies across Europe have pledged to accelerate progress in dealing with this threat by bringing together expertise in the design and development of new …

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Improving organ donation across Europe

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Council of Europe, along with 8 other partners are supporting the ‘ACCORD’ project which has involved 23 European countries. “Achieving Comprehensive Coordination in Organ Donation throughout the European Union” is a Joint Action coordinated by the Spanish National Transplant Organisation and aims to narrow the inequalities in organ donation by: Enhancing …

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Food fraud

With food fraud, the violations are mostly related to non-compliance with labelling rules, falsified certification and/or documents and ingredient substitutions. These are the main conclusions of the Food Fraud Network Activity Report, which follows up on 60 cases notified through the Network in 2014. The Commission will be equipping the Network with a dedicated IT tool …

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New EU rules on human tissues and cells increase patient safety

The Commission has adopted two sets of rules for human tissues and cells to protect patients in the EU by ensuring high quality and safety standards. The first set of rules set out the technical requirements that will facilitate tracing of all tissues and cells between donor and recipient. This will happen through a so-called …

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Tracing animals and animal products across Europe

Each year, vast quantities of livestock and produce are traded into the EU to be served on 500 million European plates and the European Commission ensures both food and consumers are kept safe through TRACES (TRAde Control and Expert System). This is a trans-European network which notifies, certifies and monitors imports, exports and trade in …

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Global Health Security Initiative (GHSI)

The aim of this initiative is to forge stronger global collaboration on health security by addressing health threats from chemical, biological and radio/nuclear agents and by improving preparedness and responses to pandemics. Health ministers and high level representatives from countries around the world meet regularly to take these issues forward and their last meeting focused …

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