Cross-border collaboration in public procurement

This report ‘How can voluntary cross-border collaboration in public procurement improve access to health technologies in Europe?’ examines the legal framework put in place by the EU to foster voluntary cross-border collaboration in the field of public procurement of health technologies. It looks at recent experiences and developments in cross-border collaboration across Europe and explores […]

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European eHealth Network

The Joint Action to support the eHealth Network (JAseHN) was launched in 2015 and is now in the process of setting up a cross-border network to exchange Patient Summaries and ePrescriptions, by focusing on the following objectives: enable seamless cross-border care and secure access to patient health information between European healthcare systems, particularly with respect

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E-health in practice

A new report gives an overview of the developments and benefits of using e-health, with 29 cases from across the European Region. E-health is a broad concept, defined as the use of electronic means to deliver information, resources and services related to health. Many terms are included in e-health, such as: electronic health records; mobile

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eHealth guidelines for nurses

The EU-funded Ens4Care project has developed five guidelines for European nurses and social workers on how to use eHealth for: promoting a healthy lifestyle and prevention clinical practice skills development for advanced roles integrated care nurse ePrescribing. The ENS4Care network brought together 24 partners from all over Europe, with a mix of professional associations in

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Smart ageing prize

AAL (previously known as Ambient Assisted Living) has launched its Smart Ageing Prize – a €50,000 Challenge Prize to find the best innovation in internet connected devices and technologies (Internet of Things) that will empower older adults to achieve the quality of life they aspire to socially and independently. The Prize aims to find innovations

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Empowerment of Disabled People

October 2014. This conference was part of Phase 1 of the EDECT project. You can see the full programme and the presentations are listed below in order of appearance at the conference: The user’s view – Peter Lambreghts, Co-ordinator European Network on Independent Living, West Europe Region Introducing EDECT – Ladan Najafi, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust,

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European Health Information Initiative

A single, integrated health information system for the entire European Region is the aim of this European Health Information Initiative (EHII) which brings together representatives from the   European Region, WHO collaborating centres (Moscow and Manchester), the European Commission, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and The Wellcome Trust. EHII believes this integrated system can

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